What is the Sex of Art?  (Watch our short film to set the tone for our show August 14, 2015).

We are familiar with the saying, “The Art of Sex,” but few get a glimpse of the inverse, ‘The Sex of Art’. Historically, artists have been influenced by sex, their sexual nature or the deprivation of sexuality which have aided in producing many of their most transcendental works. From Frida Kahlo’s bisexuality, in connection to her androgynous spirit, manifesting into surrealist paintings, to Salvador Dali’s surprising introverted sexuality comprised of shame and guilt. Another Surrealist, Dali decoded sexual decay through melting images of flesh while being wildly driven by incessant masturbation in front of a mirror as an alternative to “disappointing” any female or male he dared to lay with. Later during the 1960’s (a time of Human and Civil Rights tension and progression), Robert Crumb created “Psychopathia Sexualis” in the recesses of the underground art world ultimately trumping unspoken censorship laws, rebelling against comic book culture creating detailed drawings of oversized breasts to compliment over sexualized bodies. Crumb’s comic style art had given way to pornographic works in graphic artistry, emerging a little more fearlessly with little if any “fucks” given (pun intended).

The X Collective compares this process to the sex that leads to one’s (the artist’s) explosive finish and would like to give you glimpses of the Sex of Art as it inspired, teaches, breaks and connects us. HOWEVER this will not be your typical show about sex, rather each artist looked deeply at each of their processes and examined many and every sexual aspect that might creep thru, from the physical, to the mental, and even the spiritual. For the crew of TXC, sex and sexuality is a tool to reclaim one’s power; to reject the commodified labels and imagery associated with the human body today. We believe when you deny your sexual nature you inhibit your true self. We ask you to confront your inner most desires for better or for worse. As artists we don’t want to restrict the body to ideals established by fashions or companies, instead we want to celebrate the body in all the forms in which it comes. We hope to empower our audience with this freedom and challenge you all to re-imagine the human form without any of the labels, rituals, and taboos surrounding sex and sexuality. In this way we can start to reclaim our bodies, become empowered and continue to strive for justice in all its forms. The X Collective proudly presents: The Sex of Art: Dance and Art exhibition.

Presented at the Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance (BAAD) 2474 Westchester Avenue, Bronx, NY 10461 (Westchester Square).

Doors open at 7pm. Performances start at 9pm with a suggested $10 donation to continue arts programming in the Bronx.



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