The X CollectiveDisclosure Protocol

March 27th -April 27th

Opening Reception: March 27, 2015 7pm- 11pm

221 E. 173rd Street-Side Entrance

Bronx, New York 10457

The advent of television changed the visual landscape of America. No longer were Americans dependent on radio and print, but now had the convenience of the moving image in their homes and with this means of communication came fuller narratives to tell. Various forms of media have changed the fabric of the American narrative in a very prolific way with television having created some of the most impacting changes.

Television allowed us to witness the Civil Rights Movement from our living-rooms, along with images of the Vietnam War, the Kennedy assassination, several Royal weddings (Prince Charles and Princess Diana being one of the most watched globally), the fall of the Berlin Wall, and many more historical events. Aside, from providing a “glass fourth wall” television has also helped shaped many events by not just reporting, but creating shows around societal issues. From the first interracial dances on “American Band Stand” to Ellen Degeneres’ character on the show “Ellen” coming out of the closet, television has laid the foundation for many political discussions and movements to occur. Unfortunately, with such forward movements television hasn’t always been a tool of progress and has been subjected to current political atmospheres and whims.

The advent of the internet connected people globally no longer in a passive way but in an active meaningful way, and ushered in the Information Age. It allowed for more information to be shared at quicker speeds than television ever could. But there is such a thing as information overload and now people are connected more than ever but not always in a meaningful way.

One major issue that the internet and other forms media have had to contend with is the issue of how much information can and should be disclosed. In the age of reality television, tweets and status updates people are connecting and sharing at higher rates, but what is the cost? To some the benefits outweigh the costs, with promises of celebrity and success being the ultimate goal. To others it is a way to feel connected to the world and feel a sense of camaraderie. In many cases it is difficult to distinguish between and person’s life and their online persona and so not all of this information is necessarily accurate. This evokes some questions: How much of ourselves do we disclose? And how much of that disclosure is being gathered for corporate and government purposes? How do these various forms of media shape us? In an attempt to explore these questions thru visual media The X Collective presents, “Disclosure Protocol”.

Featured artists include:

Charly Joaquin Dominguez

James Huggins 

Sharonda Manuel

Jose Pagan

 Arismendy Feliz