Growing up a part of the culturally rich Washington Heights area of New York City, celebrated art and fashion photographer Jose Pagan uses many of those influences to bring us true art through what he expresses to be an “Un-Boxed Mind”. With ingenuity and bold steps, Jose continues to produce some the most extravagant and thought provoking images seen in magazines throughout the world, taking the industry by storm with his eclectic style and vision. 

Jose attended State University of Brockport and City College, however, his drive for the surreal and mind-bending, brought him in another direction. At a young age, Jose’s dexterity was realized as he would take apart new Christmas presents and rebuild them into toys he was satisfied playing with. Building dioramas without any formal training and stunning family members with his creations, Jose is a creator by blood.  It is his birthright. Where innate perception mixed with the purest sense of art supersedes the formal education experience, allowing no structured limits on what “art” is, in turn freely allowing Jose to delve into any creative process without abandon. 

As an adult, Jose realized he could use photography and film to channel his artistic impulses towards creation. At first Jose started with short films submitting them to festivals, how ever he soon realized he needed more control of his visions. Photography would prove to be the nexus for his talents. Over three years ago he began the “Blacklight Photo Experiment”- a unique project utilizing UV (black lights) to capture nude subjects in surreal environments.

Many in the fashion industry have noticed Jose’s  refreshing artistic eye and was handpicked as East Coast Lead Photographer for Designer Original Magazine, and tapped as Underwraps Agency’s Lead Photographer. Jose has revisited his film origins and has made short fashion films for the likes of designer Adrian Alicea, Amirah Creations and music videos for up and coming artists.

To simply label Jose as a photographer is a grave understatement. There are very few artists in the world that can build, design, and execute bold and complex ideas on vast mediums with the same amount of passion and impact. A camera does not bind Jose Pagan’s talents; he is a one of a kind free spirit, abstract creator utilizing whatever medium may be at his fingertips to bring about inspired work through an encompassing artistic sphere.

Check out Jose’s work here.