Arismendy Feliz was born and raised in the Bronx and spent much of his adolescence and young adulthood working in grassroots organizing and social work . After much frustration with the status quo within these fields, and feeling that change was not possible through these means, he decided to approach social justice thru a different medium- art. Consequently, he was returning to his passion; art was always a way for him to deal with frustrations, inner thoughts, and struggles. He is heavily influenced by  artists such as Leonardo Di Vinci, Michelangelo, Andreas Vesalius and lists the Greco-Roman and Art Deco styles as his influences. During high school he did several independent arts studies and took classes at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. He is currently attending SVA on a non-credited basis and continuously expanding his repertoire. His mediums of choice include charcoal, graphite, gouache, and acrylic.

He is the motivational force behind the resident artists of The X Collective (tXc). Through tXc Ari hopes to build a social-artistic force and continue to define his role through resourcefulness, innovation, and social justice in his borough of the Bronx.