In a world where subjecting people to stereotypes is the norm, allow us to shed light on the abnormal effect it can have on our society. Judging people on appearance and on their personal beliefs are characteristics of fear. Fear is a cancer, that plagues our communities. Fear can lead to judgements, and ridicule. In a world so overly populated, there are bound to be eccentric people who choose not to identify with the so called norm.

The question is: What is the “norm?” Is it necessary to judge people on their personal beliefs and individual choices? We all have our individual journey, and should not be negatively labeled. #DONTJUDGEME is an art exhibit that will analyze the culture of labeling, discrimination, and ridicule of those who tend to choose their own paths. Let us celebrate diversity; not only in the color of our skin, but in the way we choose to live our lives.


WHERE: TheXCollective 221 E 173rd St – 221 East 173rd Street Bronx, NY 10457

Doors open at 7pm. Event is free to all. Suggested $10 donation to continue arts programming in the Bronx.



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